University of Malta

The Centre for Resilience and Social and Emotional Health at the University of Malta seeks to develop and promote social and emotional health and resilience in children and young people. It operates as a transdisciplinary research centre tapping into the various strands of research and expertise provided by the different disciplines in the field, and conducts research and development work in the area, seeking to address local and national needs while contributing to knowledge in the international domain. The Centre seeks to establish collaborative partnerships with local, European and international researchers and practitioners in the promotion of socio-emotional health and resilience in school children and young persons, with links to European, American, and Australian researchers and institutions. It is currently leading two international research projects funded by the EU, one an international three year research project in the promotion of mental health in schools with two British universities and two Australian universities, and the other on the development of a resilience curriculum for European schools involving six European universities. It is also a partner in another European project on teacher resilience and the international study on child wellbeing. The Centre publishes the International Journal of Emotional Education, an international, online, open access, peer reviewed journal. Besides conducting and publishing local, European and international research in social and emotional health and resilience in children and young people, it also seeks to develop and promote empirically-grounded and theoretically-sound intervention and prevention strategies in the area, disseminate knowledge and promote learning and teaching about best practices and relevant research in socio-emotional health and resilience, provides consultation to the local educational authority and schools in the promotion of socio-emotional health and resilience and the prevention of social, emotional and behaviour difficulties, and provides advanced research-based education and training to educators and other professionals at local and cross-European levels.