Project outcomes

With regard to the project goals, ENTREE aims to develop the following outcomes:

  1. The framework paper:  Describes the overarching theoretical framework, which is the basis for the training concepts. The paper will be available in five languages (Czech, English, German, Maltese, Portuguese) and published on the website
  2. The project website: Presents relevant information on the project and serves as a link to the self-assessment tool and online training.
  3. The self-assessment platform: Allows the user to answer a list of questions based on self completed scales. The platform will give the users individual feedback on the underlying concepts and will present possibilities to strengthen one’s resilience profile.
  4. The online and face-to-face training: The online training – e-learning modules – will be available for anyone who visits the project website and registers for the e-modules. The face-to-face materials used in the training will be also available online.
  5. Webinars: Based on good practice from face-to-face training will be available at the project website.
  6. An annotated bibliography:  Developed by the Australian partner with the contribution of the European researchers. It will be based on existing resources, regularly updated and translated in all partners languages.