Euroface Consulting

Euroface Consulting is a regional consulting centre fostering links between the education and production sectors, and a training centre for promoting and managing development of information and communication technologies that support equal opportunities.

The key focus of Euroface Consulting, which is reflected in all its activities, is on using information technologies and developing e-learning courses. Euroface Consulting believes that effective support to education has to be provided through further teacher professional development and in this regard it has developed several programmes in the area. As an example there is a successful e-learning course for high school teachers in adult education approaches (

Euroface Consulting supports children with specific learning disorders through the development of educational games and training provided to their teachers, SEN staff and parents.

With extensive experience in EU projects including many network links, Euroface Consulting has a good track record of cooperating with public, private, government and non-government organisations. Euroface Consulting is a member of Association of Adult Education Institutions in the Czech Republic which is the largest professional association of its kind.

In the ENTREE project Euroface Consulting will focus according to its key competence to the website development and online training providing. Using its extensive networks it will support the dissemination stage of the project.