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Welcome on the homepage of our European project “ENTREE – ENhancing Teacher REsilience in Europe”! ENTREE wants to enable young teachers to improve their resilience in the face of the increasing demands of rapidly changing school contexts. The project focuses on the implementation of professional development modules which will enhance teacher resilience. As a participating teacher you will be able to complete a self assessment reflection tool focusing on your resilience. The feedback will guide your personalised participation in online training modules. On this website you will find these modules, the self assessment tool and live webinars. Additionally we provide you with material and publications on teacher resilience.

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Information about the project

The project ENhancing Teacher REsilience in Europe (ENTREE) is informed by the trends both in Europe and internationally that recognize the need to safeguard and promote teachers’ wellbeing. It aims to enable teachers to build their capacity for resilience in the face of the increasing demands of rapidly changing school contexts. In this context, resilience is understood to be the process by which teachers manage the challenges of their everyday teaching practice and provide quality education for all students. ENTREE provides diverse learning opportunities to empower teachers to thrive despite the everyday challenges in their work. Through the use of a self-assessment tool, teachers may personalize their learning by engaging in online and face-to-face activities to build their capacity for resilience. The activities are underpinned by a collaborative and reflective approach that fosters the development of supportive teacher communities. ENTREE furthermore enhances teacher competencies and informs school leaders how best to support teachers becoming resilient. The specific focus on teacher resilience enhances the quality of teacher professional development in Europe. ENTREE is a project partly funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme and is supported by an international team of experts from 5 European countries and Australia.