Publications on Teacher Resilience by the Project Partners

Mansfield, C. F., Beltman, S., & Price, A. (2014). ‘I’m coming back again!’ The resilience process of early career teachers. Teachers and Teaching, 20(5), 547-567. doi: 10.1080/13540602.2014.937958. Beltman, S., Mansfield, C., & Price, A. (2011). Thriving not just surviving: A review of research on teacher resilience. Educational Research Review, 6(3), 185-207. doi: Cefai, C., […]

ENTREE Annotated Bibliography on Teacher Resilience

The annotated bibliography was developed by the Australian partners with the contribution of the European researchers. It comprises 98 annotated theoretical and empirical refereed journal articles, conference papers, conference proceedings, book chapters, books, and theses that have examined the construct of teacher resilience. Each annotated entry outlines the aim of the paper, research methodology, findings […]