Cyber Bullying & Accountability in the teaching profession Cyber Bullying – hosted by Professor Mark Morgan & The impact of an increased accountability agenda on teacher stress and resilience – hosted by Dr Margaret O’Donnell ENTREE-webinar Click on this link to join the Webinars: http://unity.dcu.ie/r9ofzzx6ieo/

Face to Face Training – Portugal

Face-to-face Training in Portugal led by ISPA will take place on September 14th to 16th with 15 pre-service teachers in a local school of teacher education – ESELx (Lisbon School of Education). ESELx is an institute responsible for teacher training in the first and second school cycles. It will be delivered modules 1 and 2.

Face to Face Training – Germany

Face-to-Face Training in Germany led by the ZfsL in Julich will take place on Sept. 9th with around 160 participants (teacher trainees for higher secondary/grammar schools) focussing on modules 1 and 4, and, in addition, on Sept. 29th with about 60 participants (teacher trainees for schools for students with special needs). Teacher unions and representatives […]

Face to Face Training – Ireland

Face to Face training on Module 1 will take place in Ireland on September 16th and 23rd with 37 teachers in a local primary school – St Joseph’s School, Bonnybrook, Dublin. 5. The school is classified as a school serving pupils from a socially economic disadvantaged area and was specifically chosen in order to offer […]

Piloting Face to Face Training, University of Malta

Prof Carmel Cefai from the University of Malta, partner in ENTREE LLP programme, has piloted Module 6 Pedagogical Skills for Classroom Management with students following the Bachelor of Education (Honours) programme as part of a study unit on positive behaviour. Workshop 3 Effective Behaviour Assessment and Management was piloted over three sessions of 1 hour […]

ENTREE on facebook

Welcome to our new facebook page! ENTREE (ENhancing Teacher REsilience in Europe) wants to enable (young) teachers to improve their resilience in face of increasing demands of everyday school life. On this page you’ll find interesting news, supporting stuff, and updates on teaching and education in general and on teacher resilience in particular. https://www.facebook.com/entreeProject

Press Release 30th June 2014

How can a teacher successfully deal with growing heterogeneity in the classroom? How can he or she prevent burnout? How can the conflicting expectations of teachers, students and the school management be met? You will find more information concerning that topic on the ENTREE website. Read more in the Press Release 2

Press release 21st Dec 2013

Heterogeneity in the classroom, a constantly changing curriculum and the conflicting expectations of parents, students and the school management — the growing demands placed on teachers are manifold. The recently started ENTREE project is willing to make a contribution to that, in order for teachers to manage everyday tasks well and with as little stress […]

The ENTREE project website online

Welcome on the homepage of our European project “ENTREE – ENhancing Teacher REsilience in Europe”! ENTREE wants to enable young teachers to improve their resilience in the face of the increasing demands of a rapidly changing school contexts. The project focuses on the implementation of professional development modules which will enhance teacher resilience. As a […]